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Ushra’Khan under assault from new foe

2005-05-17 - Von Svarthol

The Ushra’Khan, an alliance of many of the most prominent Minmatar freedom fighter corporations is no stranger to combat. They have been at war with the Curatores Veritatis Alliance for many years, a war which has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of pilots on both sides.

In the past few weeks however, they have found themselves under assault from another group. These pilots, of mixed ethnicity and backgrounds, flying almost exclusively Angel "Tyrant" class battleships have been assaulting Ushra’Khan and several of their supporting corporations in a wave of what has been described by witnesses as "unflinching, unstoppable force."

The in the most recent encounter, a force of 15 of the mysterious pilots were spotted moving towards the Istodard system by Khaldorn Murino, who trailed them providing his alliance colleagues with the information they needed to ambush them.

Sadly despite the advanced warning, when the two forces clashed at a stargate in Istodard, the Ushra’Khan fighters were overwhelmed and were forced to retreat. The number of casualties for that battle are unconfirmed but it is believed that at least 3 Ushra’Khan battleships were destroyed along with a large amount of cruisers and frigates. Only 2 battleships were destroyed from the attackers 15 strong fleet.

After the battle the pilots disappeared as swiftly as they had arrived, leaving no hint of their purpose or reasons for the attacks. All of the pilots have maintained strict communications silence during all of the encounters, and their employment histories have been erased so that they are effectively untraceable. The only clue to their origins is that they all have access to Angels starship technology.

Intelligence gathering operations and attempts to trace the pilots have amounted to nothing and it appears that if anyone wants to find out about them, they will have to wait for them to make another appearance.