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CBD Accuses Ishukone of Unfair Competition in the Khanid Kingdom

2009-09-22 - Por Svarthol

Maurasi - The Caldari Business Tribunal is to examine a claim filed by the CBD Corporation against Ishukone. According to the plaintiff, Ishukone has "employed dubious tactics" in the Khanid Kingdom, "aiming to stifle competition and secure monopoly via illegal means." Experts say that the accusations in question are serious but highly unlikely to be proven true, noting an increase in inter-corporate disputes over the past month.

CBD states that Ishukone engaged the services of certain mercenary organizations to disrupt CBD's trading routes in the Khanid Kingdom. According to the corporation, at least four convoys belonging to its subsidiary suffered notable losses when attacked by unidentified hostile ships while en route to Kingdom space. Furthermore, CBD claims it has "concrete evidence linking these despicable attacks to Ishukone via third parties."

An Ishukone spokesperson dismissed the claims as laughable. "It's hard to take these allegations seriously. We are as eager to expand into this lucrative market as any other corporation in the State, but we do not need to resort to such illegal - and frankly mad - tactics. Obviously, the CBD Corporation is not feeling confident enough in that market if they have to resort to such accusations against us."

Independent expert Koro Ihikono commented, "Collaboration with pirate organizations is a serious offense, and Ishukone is facing severe fines if proven guilty, but I doubt that CBD will be able to prove anything in court. Interestingly, however, the number of conflicts between the megacorps is on the rise again."

Indeed, there is an ongoing dispute between Lai Dai and Sukuuvestaa over mining rights in the Umamon constellation, while Hyasoda is rumored to be preparing a claim to CBT over a patent breach by Wiyrkomi. It seems that the recent wave of national unity is ebbing away, with the State's largest corporations returning to their usual squabbling.