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Nominations Begin for Head of Senate

2010-04-16 - Por Svarthol

Villore - Today's lively Senate session was given over entirely to the internal process of naming and winnowing down candidates for the vacant Head of Senate position. Early debate has identified three potential front-runners for the position.

Vance Opheron, who currently serves as chairman of the Senate Defense Committee, was quickly nominated and seconded by a large contingent of senators who feel his experience on military matters would serve the nation well. In light of the ongoing armed conflict with the Caldari State, this sentiment appears popular. Remnants of the earlier Naval Review scandal surround Opheron, but his position in that matter has since been largely vindicated.

Also nominated was Aulmont Meis, head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. A career diplomat, Meis is seen as a moderate voice within the government. Though some charge that she was too closely associated with former President Souro Foiritan's policies, Meis herself categorically denies this claim. Her voting record shows several key issues in which she did not back Foiritan initiatives, but her harshest critics remain dubious of her legislative independence.

Rounding out the leading candidates is Suvio Bellaron. Viewed as something of an "elder statesman," the conservative Bellaron was one of Mentas Blaque's most stern critics during Blaque's tenure as the Head of Senate. Bellaron was a co-sponsor of the unsuccessful bill that would have forced Blaque to resign one of his two positions.

Several other candidates have been nominated and seconded, but as yet none of them have the backing enjoyed by the three front-runners. The final vote for Head of Senate will take place in three days.