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Tash-Murkon Family Meets With Theology Council

2008-10-22 - Por Svarthol

Tash-Murkon Prime - Members of the Theology Council met with high-ranking members of the Tash-Murkon Family this week, including heir Catiz Tash-Murkon. According to sources within the Theology Council, the meeting was requested by the heir herself shortly after the Empress' coronation, though the reason for the meeting was evidently unknown to all but the most senior Theology Council and Tash-Murkon officials.

However, according to Amarr Certified News, the heir and her entourage were seen escorting the Theology Council representatives to a number of holy sites on Tash-Murkon Prime, including the Cathedral of St. Irine, home to a number of Amarr relics. Also visited were the Tash-Murkon Family crypts and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chaste Devotion, where Artrus Arkkon, religious advisor to the founding members of the Tash-Murkon house, is buried.

That visit has touched off speculation among some on Tash-Murkon Prime that the heir requested the meeting with the Theology Council in order to petition for the elevation of Arkkon to sainthood, something that would be sure to get a great deal of resistance from religious conservatives. Few Udorians have been canonized, even after the elevation of the Tash-Murkon to the position of a royal house, and those that have are much more closely identified with the Amarr religious establishment than Udorian bloodlines.

While the process of canonization can take years or even decades of thorough investigation and theological wrangling, even the nomination of Arkkon would be likely to both raise the fortunes of the Tash-Murkon Family and the ire of the more conservative Holders and clergy.