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Ardishapur dedicates cathedral to St. Articus

2008-11-30 - Svarthol

Ardishapur Prime - The first cathedral in the Ardishapur Family's public works plan was opened yesterday in a grand public ceremony. The new cathedral, located in Ardishapur Prime's biggest city, is one of the largest in the entire Empire. Thanks to a massive investment of slave and free labor, the cathedral was constructed in record time.

Yonis Ardishapur, alongside representatives of the Theology Council, christened the cathedral in the name of St. Articus, a move that has surprised some. St. Articus is not a well-known saint, being most remembered by Scriptural experts as playing a moderate role in establishing the Amarrian doctrine of Sacred Flesh.

"St. Articus is a true paragon of the Amarr faith," said Ardishapur in his speech. "He exemplifies everything that is proper with the Amarr way. He fought - often in secret - to preserve the righteous way of the Amarr people in the face of corruption and impurity. He is a True Amarrian saint; the only proper kind and it honors me to dedicate this cathedral in his name."

Following the dedication ceremony, Father Matius Aldor led the gathering in prayer. It is expected the cathedral will serve as the place of worship for over a million Amarrian citizens.