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Clear Skies 2 To Be Released Today

2009-05-09 - Svarthol

Out Of The Blue -In a few short hours, New Eden will see the cluster-wide release of "Clear Skies 2" - the sequel to the hugely-popular and award-winning holoreel "Clear Skies."

"Clear Skies" premiered last year to over 2,500 capsuleers in its first 48 hours alone and won 5 awards. Capsuleers praised the film for its dry wit and cynical realism and were vocal in their calls for a sequel following the cliff-hanger ending.

Creator John Rourke of Vanishing Point corporation began work on the sequel after only a two-day break. He has spent almost the entire 11 months since then writing, directing, filming and editing "Clear Skies 2." Promithius of Quam Singulari stepped in to assist with large-scale action sequences - choreographing fights, marshalling volunteers and wrangling ships.

Promithius explained the sheer level of work Captain Rourke had put into creating this film:

"It's all one man. It's all John. The actors are a close-knit group of friends, but John does all the editing and recording. He spends his nights lipsynching and his time off editing. I don't know how he does it; the man is a machine."

John and Promithius confirmed that all the old cast are back. John Rourke reprises his eponymous role as the much put-upon Captain of the Clear Skies. Solomon Burke, the ship's engineer and chief applier of ductape, continues to try and hold their beloved ship together and Gunnery Ops officer Charlie Fodder captures the Minmatar love of very large guns.

The sinister agent, Mr Smith, also makes an appearance, once again embroiling the unfortunate crew in his devious maneuverings. There are also a few new faces, though Mr Rourke denied rumours that a new female character would be becoming romantically-embroiled with any of the crew.

Of the Clear Skies herself, John comments that the wobbly Tempest is "the fourth crew member - rough and dysfunctional, but not to be underestimated." He chose a Tempest for the part because "you can put a lot of character into the interior sets as well, [with a Tempest] and it's the only battleship that lets the camera get close enough to a recognisable 'bridge' to do the transition shots."

He went on to say "I think people are going to like Clear Skies 2 - I stretched myself on what I could do but didn't overreach and wreck it or get smug. In my opinion and [that of] those around me who have seen excerpts as I make it, it knocks CS1 into a cocked hat in technical, action, story, and being-able-to-hear-the-dialogue respects."

The film will be released through Chribba's service at - watch this space for a link when the film is released!

UPDATE: At present, the film is still in the process of uploading to broadcasters. John Rourke has said that he plans to make an announcement in the General Discussion section of GalNet when the film is released and the link address will also be posted here.

Chribba has announced that the film will be available either by direct download or through peer-to-peer services and urges capsuleers to host the file, when it becomes available, to facilitate access for others.

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