Community Beat for 4 August | EVE Online

Community Beat for 4 August

2023-08-04 - EVE Online Community Team

Hello everyone and welcome to the latest Community Beat!

The beating heart of New Eden, all of you, the community, continues to pump ever harder, never missing a beat, pushing forward, strengthened by endless vigilance and progress.

Let us have a look at some of the things that have happened in the community since the last beat:

CSM 18 Submissions opened!

The submissions for those interested in running for election this year to join the Council of Stellar Management opened. We're excited to see that we've received over 30 applications so far! Campaign season for the CSM is a fascinating time, seeing candidates starting up campaign threads trying to rally support across the community, as well as reaching out to all sorts of content creators, so expect to start reading and hearing about them all across the community in the next month!

The Oz Tank

EVE Partner The Oz recently hosted the first episode of "The Oz Tank" -
Seen Shark Tank? Got a plan but need some investment to make it happen? Then the Oz Tank might be for you! The Oz and his gathering of investors handed out over 100b ISK on the first episode, YUGE! Not all of the proposals even offered a return on investment for the hosts, some investments were for community events, sponsoring even events like musical contests! It was an incredibly fun watch and we're already seeing some of the rewards from the investment pop up.

Some Assembly Required!

Over on Reddit u/CaldariNavyBlue aka Navyblue has been giving us updates on some exceptionally cool 3d model prints that have been made, a Tengu, Stratios, Manticore, Golem, Loki, and even an old-school Badger design, they're certainly rustling up a small fleet. Craft creations like this from the creatives community are always such a joy to look at.

Alliance Tournament XIX arrives soon!

In a little over a week from now, on the 12 August, over on the CCP Twitch channel, working alongside the legendary EVE_NT crew, we'll be heading to the studio in Nottingham in the UK, to broadcast the next Alliance Tournament. Look out for more news about it on Friday next week!
Recently though, the teams participating in the tournament submitted their choice of Flagships that they intended to field. These ships can bend the regular tournament rules of being able to fit modules that can bypass some of the meta restrictions, so seeing a pricey loss isn't uncommon! We saw a bit of a mix of ships this year, with 32 teams, Barghests held a prominent lead in popularity, with 16 teams opting to field them, another 10 being Armageddon Navy Issues, 5 Vindicators, and a lone Redeemer!

Speaking of the tournament and Nottingham however, that leads us nicely onto the next segment:

EVE Meet in Nottingham!

In the last Community Beat, we mentioned that a bundle of CCP will be hosting a social gathering in Nottingham at Bunkers Hill. Attendance is free and we'll be bringing a limited amount of swag over but you can nab yourself a ticket and find out more details here.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Amarr Empire celebrates Foundation Day!

For those of you who don't know, Foundation Day marks the construction of the first Amarr church on Athra (now Amarr Prime)! Loyal Amarrians are encouraged to visit the Throne Worlds and the homeworlds of the Imperial Heirs and celebrate with fireworks!

There are a few events organized later today and tomorrow, by Lunarisse Apenstar of SFRIM and PIE, open to all (who play nicely!) including a tour around a few of the notable landmarks in high and low-security space as well, no doubt accompanied by a small history lesson as to each location's importance.

That's it for this week's community beat, until next time spacefriends!