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CSM 18 Applications Now Open!

2023-08-01 - By EVE Online Team

Applications for CSM 18 are now open!

For more information about the CSM, the process, and the new expanded 12-person format, please visit the official CSM 18 announcement page.

Key dates:

1-15 August – Candidate submissions open <-- We are here
2-18 August – Application processing
23 August – Live candidate announcement
23 August – 3 September – Campaign period
4 September – 11 September – Voting period
22 September – CSM 18 Announcement, live at Fanfest

Potential candidates for the 18th Council of Stellar Management may now head on over to the CSM 18 applicational page to complete the application form.

Please note: the CSM page does occasionally time out, so we strongly recommend completing your application in your favorite word processing application first.

Following the application, please send a scan of your passport/ID to CSM-Contact@ccpgames.com with the subject “CSM 18 Application”. You may announce your candidacy publicly as soon as you get confirmation that your account is in good standing and your application has been approved. This will be done approximately within 72 hours of your application.

For those unable to change their names on the account management site – worry not! You can include this with your scans and we’ll make sure your account is up to date.

We’re excited to start the CSM 18 process and can’t wait to see the applicants!