Community Beat for 16 December | EVE Online

Community Beat for 16 December


Festive capsuleers!

The 31st and final Community Beat of 2022 is here! For 62 weeks you’ve been generating content that we’ve been delighted to share and include in these news posts. Thank you all!

Let’s get tucked into what’s coming up this weekend and some of the events from the last few weeks:

Snowball fight - Luminaire this Sunday 18 December, 21:00 UTC!

Come on over to Luminaire VII (Caldari Prime) - Moon 6 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant - Bring your festival launchers, snowballs, and fireworks (or ask Commander A9 in Luminaire local chat for some) and join in for some fun and games in this year’s Snowball fight!

The annual event usually features conga lines, light shows, secret Santa gift exchanges, and games with prizes in local chat or to just chill and enjoy the light show.

The battle under the red sky

Over in H-PA29 (Venal) on 3 December, there was a fight involving a little over 3500 pilots and almost 2200 kills, between representatives from Pandemic Horde, Fraternity. and Goonswarm. Some fantastic shots were taken of the event by Eric Nguyen over on Twitter, who assembled them nicely into a Flickr album. If you enjoy seeing engagement shots, we’d highly recommend it!

Cool Art spaceships

Over on Reddit this week u/Throwaway-the-leak blessed us with some beautiful creations for the community to use – Hand (digitally) drawn ships!

Our favorites are the Zealot and Sunesis, but there are a few more in the article that you should check out!

Then, after the massive success of the first drawings, they moved to.. less.. digitally drawn ships..? But, also for the Community to use!

We think it really captures the design and encapsulates the essence of the ships well, great job! We’d love to see these creations, it always brings a lot of laughs from the team whenever we see them – if you’ve made some, be sure to share them!

Eve Partner shoutout – Rushlock!

Rushlock is one of the Streamers and Video content creators over in the Eve Online Partnership program!

He usually streams assorted content over on Twitch around 12:00 UTC on the weekdays, but also has a Youtube channel where he just posted about how to find Metaliminal Storms and how they work:

Go check it out!

See you in 2023!

That is it for this edition of the Community beat - from all of us on the Community Team, we wish you Happy Holidays!

We’ll see you all back in the New Year for the next edition of the Community Beat on 6 January, no doubt packed with everything you’ve been busy with during the Winter Nexus!