Community Beat for 21 June | EVE Online

Community Beat for 21 June

2024-06-21 - EVE Online Community Team

Greetings, New Eden; we're back with another edition of the Community Beat! Let's dive straight in with some of the cool things that have happened within the EVE Online community in recent weeks.

Spotlight on Third-Party Dev Projects

Our community's third-party developers have been hard at work, creating tools and projects to enhance your EVE experience. Let's check out some of their latest releases.

  • EVE Trade Terminal: Discover a comprehensive market tool that provides up-to-date information and insights to help you navigate the bustling markets of New Eden.

  • My Minmatar: Whether or not you are fighting for Minmatar in the warzone, is now available for you! The platform offers a wealth of resources, including fittings and doctrines used by Minmatar Fleet. You can even spin your ship (try right-clicking a ship with weapon modules!) and explore a showcase of corporations. For the full write-up, head over to this Reddit post.

  • Automatic Fight Recorder: The tool you never knew you needed! Automatic Flight Recorder automatically starts, stops and downloads your battles, so you can focus on the action. We don't want to hear any "I wish I recorded that" excuses ever again!

    Check out the video below for a detailed explanation.


... Can I bring my Drake?

Who hasn't heard someone ask this dreaded question while in fleet? Cpt Armarlio decided to immortalize the meme in this amazing new poster. While the meme is not automatically included on the poster, you can add a note with your order!

The View From Planet Three

With Equinox came Skyhooks, and while they have been prominent in many videos, we promise that you haven't seen this stunning and captivating view yet. Thanks for sharing Bei Artjay!

EVE Amsterdam

Last weekend, CCP Lumi, CCP Mirage, CCP Stroopwafel, and CCP Tiger Shark were among the attendees at EVE Amsterdam. The event was a tremendous success, featuring engaging talks and panels, memorable EVE experiences shared by players, and plenty of fun activities. Everyone bonded over their shared love for spaceships, and many new friendships were formed!

Exciting news: organizers Amiomia and AjDuLion have announced the dates for next year's event! Mark your calendars for 14-16 November 2025.

That's all for this edition of the Community Beat. Keep sharing your projects, stories, and creative works with us. Fly safe and see you in space!