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Eman Autrechs top negotiators Slain, will his election hopes follow?

2005-01-13 - Svarthol

Eman Autrech, chief of the SCC and candidate in the forthcoming Gallente elections was shocked to learn that one of his diplomacy missions had gone fatally wrong.

In the hope of swinging more votes and creating trade deals, Mr Autrech sent 10 of his highest and most trusted negotiators to meet with the Intaki Syndicate, this week. He hoped to not only gain fiscal benefits from this mission, but also to penetrate the Intaki vote to aid him in his cause.

The Syndicate invited the negotiators to meet in the Intaki solar system. Unfortunately however, the Intaki home system is in a low security region of space which allowed those opposed to the negotiations a chance to strike at the convoy.

Although the trip for the 10 man team was classified top-secret the convoy containing the VIP’s was attacked by unknown pilots, who apparently gained intelligence on Autrechs’ intentions. They managed to stave off the attack but were forced to recruit mercenaries in the local space lanes and through the Gallente Galnet channels.

When enough pilots had signed up the convoy continued on the 6 jumps towards Intaki. However, the very public nature of the mercenary hiring had attracted attention from pilots who were more interested in stealing the cargo. However, under the watchful gaze of the sentry guns surrounding the stargates, they could do little but watch and intimidate the convoy though the local channels

A single starjump away from Intaki, in the solar system Vey, it seemed as if the mission would be a success. At the stargate, three ships, one Megathron and two Thoraxes, spotted the convoy and immediately opened fire, ripping through the Dominix class ship containing the VIP’s as if its hull was made of paper.

During evacuation of the ship, the escape capsules containing the VIP’s were breached; causing it to depressurize and all 10 negotiators were lost. The mercenaries were unable to stop the attacking forces in time, suffering minor casualties in the process.

Although Eman Autrech was not available for comment, he has sent formal letters of condolences to the families of the victims personally. He was very close to some of the negotiators lost in Syndicate.

Political analysts say the event could be damning towards his campaign. Corporations could be frightened off for fear of reprisals from this unknown group, and with Autrechs most senior and skilled negotiators lost; he would find it hard to make his views heard in future debates.