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Ethnic Rioting Shakes Caldari Prime; Deaths Reported

2008-05-10 - Svarthol

Luminaire – Breaking News – At least a dozen deaths have been reported as reaction to the hate crimes and acts of vandalism against Caldari landmarks on Caldari Prime led to violence. Clashes between Caldarian expatriates and ethnic Gallenteans are underway in the major cities of Tovil and Arcurio as Federation riot police attempt to contain the violence. Reports of death and injury are filing in from industrial sites in the periphery of the city, where the riots are believed to have started. Eyewitness accounts describe enraged Caldari workers turning against Gallentean proprietors, who in turn are defending themselves with "all means at their disposal", including the use of deadly force. Municipal Federation police are urging citizens to "stay out of harm’s way" by remaining at home or within the more secure central districts.