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Ezzara Captured By Tribal Liberation Force

2010-01-30 - Svarthol

Ezzara, Devoid - The Tribal Liberation Force captured the Ezzara system from Amarr hands at 22:22 on the 22.01.112. The final siege of the 24th Imperial Crusade's bunker in system met with little resistance.

In the last month, both Amarr and Minmatar militias have been fighting fiercely across the Devoid region, but when Minmatar forces recently staged an attack on the Ezzara system they allegedly met very little resistance.

Ezzara is adjoined to the Arzad system, home to Starkman Prime, the former homeworld of the recently-rediscovered Starkmanir tribe of Minmatar, now home to those outcast from the Republic for their ominous destiny marks. The planet was bombarded by a fleet of Amarrian vessels, which has left the planet scarred and desolate. The Minmatar still hold the celestial body dear to their hearts as the last known location of the Starkmanir and by taking Ezzara they are one step closer to securing one of their most sacred of locations.

According to Eran Mintor of the Tribal Liberation Force-aligned Valklear Guard corporation, this is not a strategic victory, but rather a morale boost for his comrades. "I think the major victory was retaking Lantorn, which the Amarr held for over a year... Their resistance has increased at an alarming rate since the recapture of Ezzara," he said. “I do not see any stop in Valklear Guard's activities in the Amarrian territories at this time.”

Battlestar Crusader, of the Amarr Militia, also evaluated the present situation. “System control little effects my day to day operations and those of my corp and most of the militia... At the moment [morale] seems rather low, we do not have enough fleet commanders and a severe lack of interest from the general militia hinder fleet operations." Battlestar Crusader believes the future of amarr militia is based on building a new command structure. "The key corps have grouped together to draw up strategies to win on our own two feet rather than taking Caldari aid," he stated.

The 24th Imperial Crusade is still far from being critically weakened by the present turmoil. 1st Praetorian Guard of the 24th Imperial Crusade was one of the groups that actively attempted to force system control over Ezzara back to Amarr hands before the bunker could fall. Gangleri, one of their fleet commanders, commented “We fight them on a daily basis, always on the defence of our own military complexes and taking the offensive to hack their complexes.”

While the Minmatar were successful in taking the Ezzara system, Amarrians pledge to rebuild their strength and strike back. Both sides are still locked in combat and both aim for victory. Only time will tell who will prevail in this fight.

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