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Fedmart Security Strike

2009-09-19 - Svarthol

Anchauttes - Fourteen security teams left their posts at the Fedmart Retail Center in Anchauttes, and several more have stated their intention to do so tomorrow. Gilbin Doyle, spokesman for the Anchauttes Security Union, explained: "We are understaffed and underpaid. We have substandard equipment and poorly managed dispatch systems. We can't afford to let this continue. Lai Dai starts moving into our system in less than two weeks, and we're going to see a notable rise in domestic disturbances and a higher potential for terrorism. Fedmart has not taken these problems into account."

Security details have announced plans to walk off the job on a rotating schedule until Fedmart meets their expectations, including equipment, communications, and health-care improvements as well as a staffing budget increase.

A Fedmart spokesman told reporters, "We're currently in talks with Anchauttes Security and hope to reach a compromise before Lai Dai starts moving in."

Local resident Darlynee Garmyre told reporters, "They waited until we were most vulnerable, and now we have no choice but to give them what they want or let this place collapse into anarchy." Garmyre had been assaulted during a robbery earlier in the day and claimed to have waited over an hour for an officer to arrive at the scene.

Unofficial surveys indicate that Anchauttes residents and businesspeople are highly anxious about the social clashes that are likely to occur when the Caldari move in.