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Havoc brings alignment with pirates and strong organizations

2023-09-23 - EVE Online Team


The third and final day of Fanfest has just wrapped up, following a packed schedule of presentations and panels dedicated to exciting new updates coming to EVE Online, plus amazing player and guest speakers.

Much of the day was focused on EVE Online: Havoc, the new expansion launching on 14 November, and promises to bring pirate chaos to the warzone. Elsewhere, more details were revealed about empowering EVE into the future.

Let’s take a look back at this final day of Fanfest, then take a look forward at what’s in store for New Eden.

Loyalties tested in the era of Havoc

Havoc will give you the chance to align with pirate factions, Angel Cartel or Guristas, to aid the mysterious Deathless in spreading corruption throughout empire warzones from the newly discovered Zarzakh system!

Choose to align with either and you’ll earn Loyalty Points for taking part in new Pirate Insurgencies. Those ill-gotten gains can then be spent in dedicated LP stores that become available for each pirate faction.

Your objectives will be focused on corrupting star systems within the warzone. Once a pirate faction has corrupted a certain number of systems, the insurgency concludes and the victors claim their spoils.

Of course, you may also choose to fight as empire militia against players who align with the Guristas or Angels! Choose this path and your ultimate goal will be to destroy the pirate’s Forward Operating Base. To do so, however, you’ll first need to make it vulnerable. By taking part in anti-pirate activities, you’ll work to suppress those star systems and weaken your enemy in the process.

A taste of Havoc can be found now in the newly discovered pirate-run system of Zarzakh! When Havoc launches in November, you’ll be able to take advantage of the pirate-controlled interstellar shipcaster technology in Zarzakh to travel straight to the warzones.

New ships will also be coming to New Eden in the Havoc expansion, including the long-awaited Angel Cartel titan! The Khizriel (Angel Cartel battlecruiser), Azariel (Angel Cartel titan), and Alligator (Guristas battlecruiser) will be obtainable through the Pirate LP store - as will the Mekubal (Angel destroyer) and Mamba (Guristas destroyer).

Big improvements for Corp Projects and the NPE

Meaty changes to Corp Projects are also coming with Havoc to further strengthen corporations. Payments will be integrated into Corporation Projects, bringing an end to manual payouts and a new corporation project manager role will enable corporation leaders to delegate project management to more members.

A Clone/Repeat Project button will be added to the Corp Project interface too. Once this is in place, you’ll find it much easier to set recurring tasks, according to your corporation’s needs at any given time.

Finally, seven new contribution types are being added to Corporation Projects, including remote repairs, kill capsuleer, scan signature, and more. Combined they’ll provide more ways to engage your members, and have everyone build towards a brighter future for your corp.

Big improvements are coming to AIR Opportunities as well, including an enhanced user interface and making it more accessible to new pilots earlier in their New Eden journey! Right now, AIR Opportunities support a number of activities, such as Corp Projects, combat anomalies, Homefront Operations, and agent missions. When Havoc launches - and post-launch too - we’ll be adding even more activities to this list.

Adding these activities will help new players uncover even more of what makes EVE so special, and AIR Opportunities will be more easily discovered during the New Player Experience.

New players docking at a station for the first time will be introduced to the AIR Career Program (ACP), and taught how to use it. As they go on to take their earliest steps in New Eden, they’ll also be gradually introduced to new AIR Opportunities, as well as activities designed to get them back into space more quickly.

New pilots will also be able to pause or quit/rejoin the NPE through the AIR Opportunities feature, helping them settle into life in New Eden at a pace that suits their own needs.

Furthermore, emblems will also be available on Havoc’s launch for the new Angel Cartel and Guristas ships. More personalization options are also coming with Havoc as the Photon UI will see custom color theming and improvements to typography.

Boots on the ground

Also announced yesterday, a new generation of warclones are about to impact New Eden.  EVE Vanguard is a dynamic and evolving FPS experience for PC. It is still in early development but will be connected to EVE Online from day one. You’ll be able to impact EVE Online directly through Frontline Corruption, fuelling the war machine of New Eden when it comes online for the First Strike event in December.

Today’s panel on EVE Vanguard was full of enthusiasts excited to discuss more details on this exciting FPS experience.

Be among the first to join the ranks of the Vanguard to try it out by signing up today.

The new technology powering EVE Forever

EVE Forever remains a crucial part of our planning, and with that in mind we’re exploring exciting new technologies to ensure EVE continues to achieve its potential as it enters its third decade - and beyond!

Stepping into the future of gaming, CCP’s next generation cross-platform game engine Carbon fuels the building blocks of EVE, pushes the boundaries of large scale MMO technology, and will bring the latest developments in upscaling technology and raytracing to EVE Online early in 2024. It powers the EVE Universe and creates worlds without limits. All you need to do is lose yourself in them.

From the deepest data vault to alliance leaders

Other popular sessions included a segment where capsuleers got their data-driven questions answered via live data analysis on stage. Capsuleers also gathered for a captivating journey into the art of EVE Online, explored the evolution of audio in New Eden which also featured a special musical performance, and a deep dive session on EVE’s core technology.

This last day of Fanfest also saw some thrilling player and guest presenters. Exooki explored how the roles we undertake in-game can provide transferable skills into real life. Alia Collins talked about the importance of hauling and how to make a profit doing it, as well as giving advice on spotting scams and avoiding gankers! Then we had a packed panel of alliance leaders taking questions from the audience.

In addition, we saw Empires of EVE author Andrew Groen discuss EVE Online's place in the gaming community and online gaming history.

The Fanfest experience

Laugardalshöll was brimming with activity where guests dove into the history of EVE and visited the Trade Hub, where among many other things, they could sample the specially made spirits, get a personalized CONCORD capsuleer profile, pick up some swag from the EVE Merch Store, and test the upcoming board game, EVE: War of New Eden.

First details of Fanfest 2025 confirmed

We’re excited to announce that Fanfest will return to Reykjavik 1-3 May 2025 and tickets are on sale now! In the meantime, you can look forward to a much bigger EVE presence in 2024 (including some very big plans for Gamescom), as well as player-run events in London, Singapore, New Orleans, and Las Vegas which we will send developers to.

You’ve given a lot to Fanfest this year

To wrap things up, we’re thrilled to announce that this year’s charity events, including the auction and charity dinner, have raised an impressive 40.710 USD. All proceeds will be donated to Barnaspítali Hringsins, a children’s hospital in Iceland. Thank you to all our Fanfest attendees who gave so generously.

EVE Fanfest wouldn’t be possible without the army of player volunteers who give their time to help, too. A huge thank you to everyone involved in making this year’s 20th anniversary celebrations so spectacular.

Finally, thank you to everyone who joined us at Laugardalshöll this year, and all of you who tuned in at home. Don’t forget that you can catch up on all the biggest sessions from this year’s Fanfest over at CCP TV.

Fly Safe!