I figured we should share some of the fitted module stats. Oh, and 70K! :) | EVE Online

I figured we should share some of the fitted module stats. Oh, and 70K! :)

2005-09-22 - CCP Oveur

My hangover was massive this morning, we had a small celebration last night because we have just surpassed 70,000 active accounts. Thank you everyone for making this possible, this couldn't have happened without you, the massive EVE community :)

As with all CCP parties, our best game design meetings seem to happen there and one thing leads to another dry Vodka Martini, uhm ... I mean idea.

Well, anyways. Part of this was doing some research into fitted modules to see if we had some other modules which could use with some tender loving care - like the Damage Control modules are getting. Yes, for real, the Damage Control will be remotely useful and perhaps even more than that! ;)

Bring it on!

Ok, I found these stats very interesting. The number is how many of the modules are fitted on ships:

  • Warp Core Stabilizers (all), 239.296
  • Jump Scramblers, 289.997
  • Afterburners and Microwarpdrives (all), 1.000.925, 1 MN Afterburner with 207337 and 10 MN Afterburners 185.762 are topping the list though.
  • Ballistic Controls (all), 66.390 (We're starting to drop the II's in case you were wondering)
  • Heat Sinks (all), 118.159 of which 36.953 are II's
  • Stabilizers (all), 155.312, of which 28.441 are II's
  • Cap Rechargers (all), 500.507. 36.459 being Tech II
  • Damage Controls (all), 94.378 :D
  • Shield Boosters (all), 765.565
  • Armor Repairers (all), 413.596
  • Sensor Boosters (all), 123.950 of which 27.000 are II's
  • ECM's (all), 258.116
  • Nos and Drainers (all), 309.000
  • Target Painters (all), 39.113
  • Tracking Disrupters (all), 66.744
  • King of modules (not counting "Basic Miner") are Expanded Cargohold I's with 379.775 fitted
  • King of Tech II are Miner II's, with 261.550 fitted
  • A total of 18.367.504 modules are fitted.
  • A total of 1.125.236 Tech II modules are fitted.

Recently Added

  • Gang Coordination, 791.
  • Co-Processors, 308.001.
  • Reactor Control Units, 265.524.
  • Aux Power Cores, 43.452.
  • Prince of Tech I is Standard Missile Launcher I, 270.877 with Cap Power Relay I coming in third with 209.855. (Not counting Basics in between)
  • Prince of Tech II is Power Diagnostic II with 261.550 currently fitted with 10MN Afterburner II coming in third with 63.714.

Weapon types (Not counting basics

  • Energy Weapons, 805.755 of which 80.222 are II's

  • Hybrid Weapons (all), 1.325.445 of which 106.145 are II's

  • Hybrid Weapons (Rail), 1.034.062 of which 70.022 are II's

  • Hybrid Weapons (Blasters), 291.393 of which 36.123 are II's

  • Missile Launchers, 1.167.695 of which 4.088 are II's

  • Projectile Weapons, 583.620 of which 59.060 are II's

Note, the data here is from an old mirror not many BPO's had entered then, thus so few Tech II launchers.