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ISGC Racing League Season V - Round up

2008-08-15 - Svarthol

New Eden - Season V has recently come to a close and has been one of the most successful seasons for the League with an increase in the number of racers and teams, it has however also been a season of upsets, firstly with the death of Kendar Zek a great supporter of the league and well known philanthropist, and secondly with the title for the frigate class going to a rookie.The individual prizes this season went to:demon flir - [Scuderia Caille]
Individual Frigate Champion

Takashi Kurosawa - [Venture Racing Team]
Individual Interceptor Champion

Darina Rea - [Dirtside]
Individual Assault Frigate Champion

and the team prizes went to:

Scuderia Caille - Frigate Team Champions

Venture Racing Team - Interceptor Team Champions

Dirtside - Assault Frigate Team Champions
and the special prize of Rookie of the Year went to:
Rawr Cristina

The season began on 30th March with the first race taking place in the Essence region. Three capsuleers lost ships during this opening race of the season and it was won by none other than the Interceptor Champion, Takashi Kurosawa.

Over the course of the season the racers went through Heimatar, Molden Heath, Everyshore, Tash-Murkon, Sinq Laison, Derelik, Genesis, Providence, Kor-Azor, The Bleak Lands and finally The Citadel.The Citadel was the region that saw the destruction of 21 of the racers ships, the loss of a pod and millions of ISK worth of equipment. This was the most destructive and bloody race in the leagues history; it was also the first time that the organiser of the races Gyra Rho was not able to be present to officiate. In her absence a guest official, Horatio Cain, stood in for her, and under the circumstances it was agreed by all that he did an outstanding job.Season VI is still in the planning stage but has the potential to be one of the most exciting seasons ever. It is currently due to start on Sunday 24th August.For more information on the league or to sign up for Season VI please visit ISGC headquarters here.