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Jovian Delegate Revived, Preparing For Diplomatic Journey

2004-06-25 - Svarthol

The Jovian Directorate yesterday issued a statement claiming its Extra-Racial Liaison, Misu Baniya, has undergone molecular reconstruction and is on the road to recovery. The statement also affirmed the Directorate’s gratitude towards the dedicated masses of pilots who coordinated their efforts in order to collect the necessary amount of biological material required for the reconstruction.

Baniya is expected to begin a diplomatic tour of the galaxy cluster early next week. According to the statement, the intention is to visit the four largest empires’ heads of state, but reportedly most of the liaison’s time will be spent establishing diplomatic contact with the leaders of various nation-state alliances which, over the course of the past year, have cropped up in almost every corner of non-CONCORD-policed space but have hitherto been ignored by the four empires as political entities.

“If they’re trying to make a point, I don’t know what it is,” stated a Federation senator who asked to remain anonymous. “Sure, since the ISD came about the eggers have spread all over the place, but putting those ‘societies’ of theirs up there in lawless space on the same pedestal as us? If I didn’t know better, I’d say the Jovians were deliberately trying to undermine the rich history and traditions of our civilizations. In fact, I’m not entirely convinced that’s not what they’re trying to do.”

Individuals within other governmental circles throughout the cluster have expressed similar reactions. Caldari officials have declined to comment on the issue altogether, but newsfeeds within the Amarr Empire have been rife with political pundits of all stripes spinning their heads in confusion.

“We don’t know what to say,” said a senior tribal council member within the Minmatar Republic, who also wished to remain anonymous. “We can’t begin to fathom their motivations. We’re stumped.”