Kaalakiota, Nugoeihuvi Qualifiers Rife With Violence As Masses Cheer | EVE Online

Kaalakiota, Nugoeihuvi Qualifiers Rife With Violence As Masses Cheer

2004-09-10 - Svarthol

Yesterday and Wednesday saw the first qualifier heats for the Kaalakiota and Nugoeihuvi corporations light up the skies in the Venal, Catch and Curse regions of space.

In Wednesday's qualifier sixteen pilots ventured through the Venal region, where they encountered heavy resistance from a blockade of Reikoku and Evolution forces. Numerous contestants were confirmed pod-killed, with one brave soul who lost his ship nevertheless limping to the finish line in his pod to place in the top five.

Pilots Hasek and Rancid Mare were the first two of those who managed to break through the blockade, emerging victorious at the finish line and securing their places in the Kaalakiota Corporation's final ten-man team.

Thursday's Nugoeihuvi qualifier, taking place in the Catch and Curse regions of space, also played host to a bloody fireworks display as the Curse Alliance came out in force, responding to the intrusion on their turf. Two pilots managed to break through all obstacles and come out victorious -- Nikita and Martinus Crimson.

Public response to the race series within the Caldari State has been tremendous. Since the opening of qualifiers Monday, sales of merchandise related to the COLOSSUS Championships has gone through the roof. Chat broadcasts and public forums have been rife with speculation, predictions and expressions of wonderment -- and malice -- towards the corporations and contestants in the race. As the first round of qualifiers continues, things look to be heating up.