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Lai Dai Announces ‘Wormhole Space’ Expedition

2009-03-10 - Svarthol

Airkio - Following the news that CreoDron have possibly discovered intelligent life in the uncharted regions of space, Lai Dai Corporation have just announced their own full-scale expedition will commence shortly.

At an emergency conference call with the corporation’s stakeholders, Alakoni Ishanoya, Lai Dai CEO, said: “Today’s events bring great hope to New Eden. Our colleagues at CreoDron had uncovered magnificent opportunities for us all, and, therefore, we are proud to announce our first expedition to the ‘Wormhole Space.'"

According to the press release, the core of the Lai Dai expedition force will comprise a Raven-class battleship retrofitted as a scientific laboratory, three Drake-class battlecruisers and a number of smaller escort craft. Although no announcement was made by Lai Dai about the discovery of an actual stable wormhole, it can safely be presumed they have found one or intend to soon.

The recent events have left stock market experts dumbfounded. A source at Caldari Funds Unlimited says: “In the current conditions, forecasting stock performance can be compared to flipping a coin – there is just too many unknown variables. Personally, I think that once everyone started scrambling for so-called ‘wormhole space’, Lai Dai just didn’t have a choice but to follow - to compete.”