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Militia Review ‘Proceeding at Pace,’ Says Committee

2009-07-09 - Svarthol

Villore – Senate Defense Committee head, Vance Opheron, has issued a preliminary report to the Senate’s Military Oversight department. This follows an official petition last week by Senator Chermoul, calling for a full review of the Federal Defense Union’s administration.

Initial press releases regarding the report, though relatively low on detail at this time, indicate the first findings into the FDU’s administration ‘leave little to be concerned about.’ Early probes into previous budget allocation, communications management and internal security are said to be of a satisfactory level and a non-contributing factor in the steady loss of occupancy of dozens of Gallente systems along the Caldari border. However, the media release from the Senate’s Military Oversight department stresses these are the results of low intensity investigations, and do not represent definitive conclusions.

Senator Chermoul, having received a copy of the preliminary report, stated the following in response:

“So far what I have read does not seem consistent with the reality of the situation. Don’t get me wrong, I do hope there are no serious issues in the FDU and this report is a sign of good things to come. But the fact remains. Our space has been overrun by Caldari militia and this needs attending to by the right people in the right places.”

When asked if he was satisfied with the investigation so far, the senator stated only that he hoped the committee would ‘give the matter the full weight of attention it required.’