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Mordu's Legion to strengthen its Pureblind position

2005-12-11 - Svarthol

PURE BLIND. As part of their relocation strategy, Mordu's Legion has recalled its 5th Dreadnought 'Night Stalkers' Task Force to the Legion's HQ in 5ZXX-K, putting the 'Night Stalkers' commander Colonel Akuras in charge of the whole Mordu's Pure Blind Fleet.

The highly specialized strike unit was transferred to the Pure Blind theatre "to strengthen the Legion's presence in our claimed space", according to Mordu's Command COO Jasolbold Adralkhan. "Col. Akuras, one of our most respected officers, will be key in our strategies in the region." Adralkhan refused to confirm the rumors that Col. Akuras transfer was requested by Legion's CEO Muryia Mordu's himself.

During the transfer ceremony Col. Akuras promoted Lt. Raun to Captain rank and assigned him as wing commander of the 'Night Stalkers', under the Task Force's 2nd in command Major Koinahaila. "It's a great honor to serve under one of the Legion's foremost warriors," said a visibly moved Captain Raun during his acceptance speech, "and this promotion is a reward to all of my men for our actions in Pure Blind and the Outer Ring."

Save for Col. Akura's and Cpt. Raun's speeches, the ceremony was held under the strictest silence in respect to the recent loss of Lt. Omae Hitimo, whose clone failed to activate after his craft was destroyed. "As a man under my charge," said Captain Raun, "I take it as my personal duty to avenge his departure from this world. He will not be forgotten; we shall not forgive." No comment was made on the reasons of Lt. Hitimo's clone failure, although the Legion has confirmed that the matter is being investigated and terrorism was not discarded as a possibility.

After the ceremony, Col. Akuras accepted a round of questions from the reporters present at the event; following an excerpt:

You are credited as one of the most decorated officers in the Legion, are you not?

The Legion has seen fit to reward my tendency to find myself and my unit in the wrong place at the wrong time, yes. I've been awarded the Legion's Gold cluster with bar, the Legion's Silver cluster with bar, and the Mordu's Purple Heart. My own heart belongs to the Legion, and having my faction's medals on my chest is my proudest achievement.

You have been with the Legion for the better part of a century… what prompted you to join this faction?

(pauses) I... my family owes a lifetime debt to the Legion. My father fought alongside Mordu during the Gallente-Caldari War, where he gave his life fighting for our home a few years before the War came to a halt. I was an infant at the time; the Legion took care of our family as is its tradition with fallen Legionnaires. I was blood- and honor-bound to follow in my father's steps, a debt I have never regretted.

The promotion of Lt Raun, now Captain Raun, was a bit of a surprise after the Outer Ring incidents; it had even been reported he would be demoted. Could you expand on this issue?

I am somewhat confused by the belittling of Captain Raun. His services are nothing but exceptional. Ships get lost during combat, but if you recall the loss was light and each time the operation was a success even when heavily outnumbered. He has earned his promotion and his new position, and it is an honor to have him in command of one of the 'Night Stalkers' wings.

This is the first time the Legion officially admits the 'Night Stalkers' to be a Dreadnought Task Force. How many such vessels does the Legion have, and how many will be deployed in the Pure Blind theatre?

(smiles). Enough and enough. Next question?

The Legion has on many occasions flown with RAZOR pilots, patrolling Pure Blind. What is the purpose of such combined squads?

We patrol our systems, and from time to time surrounding systems, to deal with various pirate and... terrorist threats. Some freelance pilots believe they can do whatever they want in our systems. We will convince them otherwise.

What is Mordu's general political position in Pure Blind, above all with Jericho Fraction, RAZOR's opponents in the region?

Jericho Fraction conducts themselves with a "Don't shoot us, we won't shoot you" policy that for the moment, in spite of a few cases of verbal friction between pilots of JF and Mordu, they have not broken with us. We will soon learn how the interaction between our corporations develops; suffice to say that we have laws within our systems, we will not tolerate piracy in them, and we will not allow terrorist attacks to be staged from them.

Yet, among the 'few cases of verbal friction', JF's CEO Jade Constantine has challenged Lt. Viraki to a duel after Lt' Viraki publicly insulted Ms. Constantine through FLT channels...

(pauses) I understand that in the post-humanist views of Ms. Constantine, a Battleship and the lives of thousands of crewmembers is a small price to pay for a slight verbal insult, but I would rather sort things out in a nice quiet manner for the sake of our neighbors the Sisters of EVE, as we have somewhat of a good relationship with them as of late.

About the Legion's previous actions: is the 4C-B7X incident with the Imperium Alliance over?

IMP went way beyond 'verbal friction', attacking and destroying Legion's vessels, lives and property. It will not go unpunished. Period.

Imperium can expect raids against them on a regular basis until a full public apologize is received. Mining operations, trade routes, starbases, even their recruitment offices are as of now valid targets for the 'Night Stalkers'. It is my hope that we will not have to cripple them back to their rookie ships but we will make an example of them unless we receive adequate satisfaction.

The foremost pod-pilot mercenary organization, the Mercenary Coalition, has recently declared on the GalNet that Mordu's Legion are a bunch of old-timers. Any comments?

(smiles) Why, of course we are! Many of us were pod-pilots while the likes of Miss Seleene were still in nappies. Mordu himself was fighting back in the days before the pod, when a pilot went down with his ship. In fact, we hold ourselves to such old-time mercenary codes as not blaming our clients for our failings.

Would you care to expand on your last comment?

Never mind. Suffice to say: the Mercenary Coalition is a young ambitious corporation with quite a few good pilots, working hard to make a name for themselves in the big mercenary leagues, and young ambitious blood is always good for our trade. We are, after all, professionals.

Some recent communication with the Coalition could have been better handled by both sides. What must be clear is that the Legion does not give any special privileges to the Coalition: we have a public channel frequented by many corps, including those that are not on the best terms with the Legion, such as, for example, the Jericho Fraction. As long as people have a civil tongue we are happy, and of course the Coalition's pilots are welcome to contact our representatives at any time.

(pauses, smiling) After all, perhaps old-timers have a trick or two to teach, along with the occasional snippet of news about jobs going on.

In general... where, and working for who, can we expect to see Mordu's Legion flying in the near future?

Our finished contract with ORE was a bit unusual in the mercenary business as it was both public and exclusive, preventing the Legion from seeking other clients. I can not comment on our present contracts, but I will make sure to let the press know when and if the Legion decides to announce such contracts in an official fashion.