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Non-agression pact negotiations go awry - war sparks up between former allies

2006-01-31 - Svarthol

At 16:00 the allies Band of Brothers and Stain- Alliance find themselves at war after negotiations regarding SA’s ceasefire with FIX had taken a turn for the worse.

Following a non-agression deal made between FIX and SA, Orc A, Stain- Alliance diplomat, posted a thread on GalNet today that the terms offered to FIX were rejected. The reasons for the hostilities seem complicated. Apparently, SA added a clause after the deal between SirMolle and TRIGGER was agreed to by all parties. The added clause meant that FIX was to export their belongings with regular industrials. Their freighters were to be denied access to the stations they intended to clear of assets. This proved to be unacceptable for FIX; according to them removing all their assets without the use of freighters would be impossible.

Dafuzz, BoB director, expressed his concerns in a short interview: "I was informed of several border incursions wherein FIX pilots were sent to the clone bay by SA pilots, while it was understood that a deal between SirMolle and TRIGGER was in effect. I put out a call to speak to SA, and Orc A responded to my hail."

"I was then told that in no uncertain terms would Stain- Alliance cease hostilities with FIX Alliance, and that TRIGGER did not have permission or authority to enter into negotitations with anyone on SA's behalf. Orc A indicated that he was the Stain Alliance Leader, and that he left TRIGGER in charge in his absence, and that he was disappointed in TRIGGER's performance while he was away, ostensibly because SirMolle and TRIGGER had brokered a deal in the interest of the South that didn't include what he wanted. It is quite distressing to note that Evolution's long-time friend TRIGGER, CEO of MASS, was apparently overruled by Orc A, who was before this date unknown to me."

At this moment in time the reason why Stain- Alliance decided to declare war on Band of Brothers remains uncertain. Although it is widely assumed that the negotiations regarding FIX and BoBs interference will play a part in this. Sadly Orc A was not available for comment and other Stain members are not at liberty to talk to reporters. In reaction to these events both Ascendant Frontier and the Huzzah federation closed their space to the SA.

Tribal Souls followed with the following declaration :"With the announcement that Stain- Alliance has war dec'd Band of Brothers. Tribal Souls hereby announces plans to immediately set Stain- Alliance to hostile standings. In the interests of a stabilized southern area we find this behaviour without notifying any of the other corps in the South to be unacceptable."

More news as it becomes available.