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Planet-wide explosion strikes Reschard V

2006-02-09 - Svarthol

PLACID. A planet-wide explosion devastated the surface of Reschard V earlier this morning.

The source of the explosion is for the moment unknown. A preliminary CONCORD report mentions system-wide scanners picking up the signature of a Capital-class sized vessel in low orbit over Reschard V in the minutes prior to the explosion; electromagnetic radiation saturated all readings afterwards.

A second on-site report from the Servant Sisters of EVE a few hours later includes a preliminary estimate of 88.7% extinction of surface life forms. "Detailed measurements are almost impossible to carry out for the moment," said Dailla Semar, SoE spokeperson at their Sanctuary in Pure Blind, "but it seems to be clear that the explosion, whatever the source, was of planetary magnitude. We are facing almost full polar cap meltdown, and the planet is enshrouded in a planet-wide electrical storm making visual contact with the surface impossible at this time."

Survival rate predictions among the population are on the order of the one per fifty thousand. "Along with our preliminary estimate of life form extinction, we expect sea level to have risen, covering at least two thirds of the existing landmass, the remaining surface being largely scorched. Salvage teams will be deployed as soon as the atmospheric conditions allow. We are mobilizing all our available vessels and resources to the task." Ms. Semar declined to comment on the origin of the explosion, and whether or not it could have been an attack, indicating that this was a matter for law enforcement agencies.

Federation officials, already facing criticism for arriving on the scene after the SoE teams, requested that the population remain calm until more information became available on the subject. "The only two facts for the moment are that there has been a planetary cataclysm inside the Federation, and that our priority is to help whoever might have survived," said Thuire Dercoucon, Chief Coordinator of Public Relations for President Souro Foiritan. "We are shocked by this terrible news and will spare no effort in the salvaging tasks."

Being a mostly agricultural colony with no military presence or tactical value, Reschard V seems to have no reason for being chosen as a target. Regardless, the Intaki population all across Placid is in turmoil for what many have already labelled as a terrorist attack to a peaceful Intaki settlement.

Witnesses report a mobilization of Caldari Navy vessels along the borders between Placid and The Citadel. No CalNav official comunication has either confirmed or denied this fact.