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Sarum's upcoming coronation creates logistical difficulties

2008-09-30 - Svarthol

Amarr Prime - Despite being planned for several months, Jamyl Sarum's impending coronation is placing heavy burdens on Amarr Prime.

Traffic is steadily increasing around the system as numerous Holders from across the Empire, accompanied by their families and personal retinues, arrive to pay homage to the new Empress. Each of the Heirs also has a congregation numbering in the thousands attending the coronation.

In addition to those attending the coronation, huge numbers of freighters and industrials are arriving to supply the ceremony. Many of the supplies are perishable, meaning they could not be delivered earlier. Compounding the issues are the large number of servants, migrant workers, and slaves temporarily relocating to Amarr Prime to handle the visitors.

Officials are scrambling to find suitable housing for everyone involved, including those Holders who do not own residences in the system. Many residents have had  their domiciles appropriated, and other commoners are being moved to hastily erected temporary habitation compounds.

Despite the hectic nature of the proceedings, Amarrian officials are positive the coronation ceremony itself will go off without a hitch