Alliance Tournament X continues this weekend! | EVE Online

Alliance Tournament X continues this weekend!

2012-07-06 - CCP Spitfire

The first weekend of Alliance Tournament X pre-qualifying rounds has seen some intense action with over 27 billion ISK of ships and modules destroyed, and now it's time for more! The second pre-qualifying round of the Alliance Tournament starts tomorrow at 15:00 GMT and will be streamed through our main site and available at the CCP channel on own3D. You can visit the site and click the ‘Follow’ button to get alerts when the stream goes live. The full schedule is available on our main page along with rules, flagship info, prizes and much more. Our friends in the Interstellar Correspondents will be providing details on matches, ranking, statistics and in depth reports. You can visit their page by clicking here.

The replays of the first weekend's matches are available on the own3D website.