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Survey Warns Of Food Shortages In Verge Vendor

2009-02-11 - Svarthol

Luminaire – The Interplanetary Agriculture Bureau is warning of impending food shortages in Verge Vendor. 

Forecasts for trade volumes in the region, which have been falling steadily since the outbreak of the war, are also bleak, hinting at the distinct possibility of a full-scale humanitarian crisis. 

“The decrease in food supplies outlined in the report is mostly caused by the general slump in commodity import-export operations in Verge Vendor,“ remarked Kashan Gilli, a Garoun Investment Bank analyst. “The ongoing hostilities push the insurance premiums to the point where it becomes unprofitable for the shipping companies to operate in the region.”

Andra Veaux, an independent expert, agrees. “Verge Vendor was not a very prosperous region even before the war. Times are harder now, and the economic outlook is pretty grim. More importantly, there is a number of planetside colonies that are not self-sufficient, and unless the government intervenes, some of them face a real possibility of famine outbreaks.”

The local authorities did not comment on the survey officially, but government sources claim that the situation is under control. According to a Verge Vendor official who chose to remain anonymous, “There is no reason for concern. The government, both on the regional and federal levels, is fully aware of the food supply issues and will be ready to take any necessary steps to remedy the potential shortages.”

The Interplanetary Agriculture Bureau is a respected independent Gallente statistics organization.