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Sylph Alliance Reorganizes After Leadership Change

2009-08-06 - Svarthol

IS-R7P, Catch - Sylph alliance has recently overhauled its directorship and most of its combat force, sources inside the alliance confirmed.

Despite losing about five hundred capsuleers and an undisclosed number of corporations in just about one month, the alliance's political situation appears stable and a new leadership has been appointed.

kueen1, the new alliance's leader, explains that after Drakmor's resignation, the streamlining was due and losses were expected. "Drakmor has been the backbone for [Sylph] for a very long time... people will leave, but its nothing we can't recover from," he says.

Controlling about 20 systems between Catch and Providence, Sylph is allied to Curatores Veritatis' powerblock, guards CVA's northern flank and shares its 'not red don't shoot policy'.

Just a few days ago, Ushra'Khan capsuleers brought Sylph's internal strife to attention by simulcasting a political pamphlet in most parts of Catch, Providence and in the system of Amarr.

While Ushra'Khan's broadcast claimed their military campaign against Sylph was the reason behind the alliance's dwindling numbers, Sylph leadership always dismissed such claims as "just a nuisance."

Sirius Polaris, a former Sylph member, believes future issues won't come from Ushra'Khan. At the time he decided to leave Sylph, leadership was "allowing more of the industrial [corporations] to run the alliance, making [combat] very weak," he said, adding that Sylph's allies might become a threat should they feel the new leadership is too weak to hold on to Catch.

"[We are] gearing towards industrialists supporting our [combat forces] and not the other way around," replies kueen1, adding that the alliance is stronger now than it ever was and will continue its 'not red don't shoot policy' inside CVA's powerblock.

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