The Double Boost Bundle Returns | EVE Online

The Double Boost Bundle Returns

2022-07-23 - EVE Online Team

Skilled Capsuleers,

The Double Boost Bundle is available again in the EVE Store. Buy a Training Boost Bundle now and get the Starter Training Boost Bundle free! That's two million Skill Points and two Cerebral Accelerators to vastly speed up your skill training.

This is one of the best deals you can get on Skill Points and Cerebral Accelerators, especially as a new pilot. It will only be running until 1 August, so if you’re in need of skill points then pick up the Double Boost Bundle today!

This deal is only available through the Double Boost bundle in the EVE Store.

__Training Boost Bundle __

  • 1.5 Million Skill Points
  • Expert Cerebral Accelerator

__Start Training Boost Bundle (Free!) __

  • 500,000 Skill Points
  • Prototype Cerebral Accelerator