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The “Insorum Imbroglio" and catastrophe on Mabnen I - from a CAIN point of view

2005-06-16 - Svarthol

With the universe still in shock after the tragedy on Mabnen I, the circumstances surrounding Dr. Hnolku’s death and the Blood Raider involvement have turned into a heated debate. We, at the Interstellar Correspondent Department were granted an interview with Mr. Dev Larren, Commanding Officer of the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve, reflecting on current events.

Mr. Larren, what do you think about the incident on Mabnen I and the Blood Raider involvement?

CAIN has already stated that we are horrified by events there. We are appalled by the loss of life, both Minmatar and Amarr. It was exactly the sort of situation we were trying to prevent.

Although there already has been much discussion about this I would like to ask you whether CAIN in any way feels responsible for the development of current events?

No. Our intent was to avoid this very situation. We recognized the danger that Dr. Hnolku's agent could present and sought to ensure it did not fall into the wrong hands. We were partially successful in that we stopped Dr. Hnolku but unfortunately we were unable to stop his wife falling into the hands of the Blood Raiders. The unfortunate consequences that followed cannot be blamed on CAIN.

A lot of attention has been drawn to the circumstances surrounding Dr. Hnolku's death. Why did your encounter with Dr. Hnolku lead to his death?

Our primary mission was to return him - a fugitive - to the Caldari State. My pilots were all clear on that instruction and the record shows that they sought to negotiate with him during the encounter. However I had authorized - after much consultation with my senior staff - the use of lethal force, should he not comply. Right until the end my pilots sought to convince Dr. Hnolku to see reason. And only then, regrettably, did they eliminate Dr. Hnolku.

What consequences has this turn of events had for CAIN?

We became involved in this because we were trying to bring a Caldari fugitive to justice and isolate a dangerous substance - not to get involved in any Slaver versus Anti-Slaver war. However, the Ushra’Kahn Alliance, who was seeking to help Dr. Hnolku escape, felt that their wounded pride needed a response and so we have been subjected to a war by them and various allied corps. As a result we have been involved in a very one-sided war but I have been very proud of how my pilots have met the challenge. Although I am glad this unwanted war is just now coming to an end, I have to acknowledge that the war has strengthened CAIN. My pilots have inflicted more losses than they have suffered; recruitment has steadily advanced and morale is high. For a small corporation we have also achieved a high profile and most people in the pod-pilot community now know CAIN to be a Premiere defender of the Caldari State and its values.

Retrospectively, do you think any of these developments could have been avoided?

I am not someone who likes to second-guess decisions and deal with "what-ifs." Whatever the outcome and subsequent events you have to go back and ask yourself did we make the right decision at the time. In this situation CAIN made all the right decisions and choices and subsequent tragic events vindicate what we were trying to do. It is for other groups acting out of naivety and fanaticism that need to reflect on what they should have done differently.

Concluding, do you have any comments you would like to add?

Yes. For CAIN this whole affair has been tragic - Dr Hnolku's death, the kidnapping of his wife, the death at Mabnen I and an unwanted war. However my pilots have maintained their morale and dedication to duty. I hope the people of the Cladari State are aware of what is being done in their interests by my pilots. I am certainly grateful to them.