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The Story of Ascendant, Xetic and the infamous Five (Part 1)

2005-05-07 - Svarthol

Ever since the announcement was made that several corporations were leaving the Xetic alliance, everybody has been asking the same question: why? I was lucky enough to arrange several meetings with leading officials from several involved parties. I interviewed Chowdown and Smith both from Shinra, and thelung198 from Arcane Technologies. Both these corporations belong to a group of corporations known as the Five. I also talked to Yoristar from the corporation 911, belonging to the Xetic alliance, and last but not least I talked to Cyvok and Murphy from Celestial Horizons (CLS) and Dirty Deeds Corp (DDC) respectively, both whom are from the Ascendant Frontier Alliance. The answers that followed were surprising and the story that begins to unfold is one of betrayal, friendship and a strong need to survive whatever the costs.

The story begins several months ago when a group of corporations, calling themselves Five ( Arcane Technologies, Supremacy, Black Reign, Black Omega Security and Shinra), started on a vicious offensive against Xetic. The reason for this attack seems to depend largely on who you ask. Chowdown wants to make it clear that Xetic started it all when they fired upon an innocent hauler. Yoristar however believes that the Five started this war and they have admitted to starting it as well, the reason why this war between the 5 and Xetic started is irrelevant for the rest of this story as you'll see.

According to the 5 and the new alliance Ascendant, on the battlefield only a few corporations were seen from Xetic, those being CLS and DDC. "CLS alone had 540 members and was responsible for more then 50% of the entire federations defence" Cyvok stated, to illustrate how important CLS was for Xetic. Both Smith and Chowdown acknowledge that CLS and DDC were the military strength of Xetic.

Yoristar was kind enough to tell me that later on, DDC and CLS also gained the control of Xetic once it leaders were chosen for leading positions within the Xetic government. Apparently, this does not mean that CLS and DDC were in total control since it was forbidden to force an issue and everything needed to be voted for or against. Cyvok: "Xetic was an attempt at a true democracy, unfortunately that made it near impossible to get things done". The obvious choice for the rest of Xetic would have been to give full power to CLS and DDC, but this proved to be unacceptable. Yoristar: "They were just unhappy not being able to tell people what to do, but Xetic never was and never will be run this way, people are here to have fun and be among friends, not because someone tells them to be there". Murphy: "Leaving Xetic wasn't something we planned. It just all came together and happened at the right time".

It seems that the cause of the Ascendant corporation leaving Xetic was not a single event. Rather, in my interviews a large number of reasons were given; CLS and DDC felt they were not given the respect they deserved, it was impossible to defend their regions because of the slow process of decision-making, there was a lack of teamwork from the other corporations, greed and Xetic as a whole was nonexistent. Cyvok: "The total inability for the whole of XF to provide the appearance of a united front, made the XF look weak and barely respectful". Yet, it does seem that Yoristar had it right concerning a more dictatorial Xetic when Cyvok said: "as one of the largest corporations being only a 'member' of just another alliance did not make sense to a lot of members". Perhaps CLS was a bit power-hungry after all?

Thus, Ascendant was born when several corporations left Xetic and started for themselves. Xetic felt betrayed when they saw them leave and even more so when they saw they worked closely with their enemies the 5. In the eyes of Xetic, Ascendant pretty much joined the enemy when they left and shared stations. It is clear that Ascendant is a very different alliance from Xetic, their regions may be close together but the way the way they work are miles apart. Murphy: "DDC and CLS are in charge and we're very upfront and straight forward with people. If we don't like somebody we are not afraid to tell them" So, dear readers it seems we can expect an alliance that thinks and acts fast because the leaderships is designed to make fast decisions for the good of the people, and it is expected of everyone to follow these decisions. Cyvok: "We are building this venture from the ground up based on fostering teamwork in every aspect of life".

The relation between Ascendant and Xetic will be peaceful for a short while since Ascendant gave them permissions to retrieve their assets from their regions, and if anything is left behind before the twelfth of may then Ascendant will buy that as well. After this period Xetic will be set to neutral, but all corporations who are neutral will be shot when they enter Ascendant space. The only people who can enter Ascendant space are the 5, and Ascendant members are free to travel through the 5 claimed regions. Xetic remains alone and even Cyvok understands why: "XF feels betrayed and rightly so, they feel they are left in the cold without a good jacket. Which is the problem, it should never come to the point that an alliance depends on two corporations for so much. Ascendant will not help Xetic with any war efforts, XF needs to learn to stand on its own, or not at all.” Cyvok is also very positive on the future of his new alliance, morale is at an all time high, they are getting their two regions under control and diplomatic talks with other 0.0 regions are getting on well. Cyvok: "we may fail in our new journey, or we may be wildly successful, but at least our future is in our own hands. It’s a highly motivational thought. It is our wish to build a strong and respected community and build something to be proud of ".

As to Xetics future, the ideas about that vary from very optimistic to a objection to the very idea that Xetic still has a future to talk of. Let's see what Yoristar from Xetic has to say about their future: "Don't count Xetic out till there are none of us left. The ideas and beliefs we share are what keeps us strong. Xetic always had 'backbone', we really love it when people think of us as fluffy miners, we even give our fleets such fluffy names. We have elected a temporary government and are gathering everything we have left.” To my question, if this government will be able to make decisions faster the reply was “oh yes, but instead of corporations only having a vote on who is in the government, every person will have a vote. We have the plan to make Xetic one big corporation instead of several corporations all doing their own thing." Thelung187 says that "inability, unskilled, unmotivated and cowardly are all useful words to describe Xetic". Thelung187 also made it clear that Xetic is well aware of their fate and would not comment on it further, as if it was a done deal already. Chowdown offered the most information on the future of Xetic from a less then positive viewpoint: "With the removal of SLS and DDC the alliance has gone into freefall. The information derived from our spies in Xetics CEO circle is that even now there is no clear plan. It is my opinion that Xetic are now finished." Murphy continues to wish Xetic luck and hopes they will flourish, "their future is theirs to decide upon.”