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Winners of election emissary contest announced

2005-06-23 - Svarthol

The Federal Administration has finally come out with the much-anticipated list of winners of the election emissary contest. With literally thousands of vouchers to wade through, even the extensive bureaucracy of the FA was at a breaking point matching them all up.

The CEOs of the winning corporation have been notified of their corp’s success and all of these corporations have received a brand new Navy Issue Megathron as a reward for their great efforts. Here is a list of the winning corporations and the candidate they worked for:

Brave New WorldBlaque
Crisis CorpAutrech
Crux Republic Aerospace Navy ElitesAutrech
Digital HorizonsAutrech
Dire TruckingBlaque
Eve UniversityFoiritan
Grumpy Old FartsFoiritan
Hidden AgendaBlaque
Nebula Rasa HoldingsFoiritan
Special CircumstancesFoiritan
The United Federation of PlanetsFoiritan
Transfluent Inc.Blaque
Tri OptimumAutrech
Tribal Trust of PatorBlaque

Election overseers noted a discrepancy in the Verge Vendor region and are investigating the matter. Thus, the result for Eman Autrech in Verge Vendor is pending.

Each of the winning corporations will have to nominate one of their own as an official Emissary. They will have a bit of time to mull over their choice and once their decision is made, further information regarding the role of the Emissaries will be published to the general public.