Wolves, Flesh and Balls | EVE Online

Wolves, Flesh and Balls

2007-01-31 - Gnauton

Howdy doo,

A group of us Reykjavík HQ northerners have recently returned from Atlanta, Georgia, where the offices of White Wolf | CCP North America sit nestled amid acres of lush greenery, billboards and fast food restaurants. The purpose of the trip was for our recently-conjoined groups to touch bases on some of the projects we’re going to be working on in tandem, and cementing communications pipelines that will enable us to put our respective strengths to good use. Another goal was drinking lots of beer and generally acting like we’d slipped several species down the hominidae tree. The journey was a success on all fronts.

First off, I want to express my excitement about how the merger with White Wolf is going to help us expand on EVE’s backstory. The team over in Atlanta (comprising, as most of you no doubt know, a number of immensely talented world creators with dozens of years of experience between them) will be deeply involved in fleshing out the nitty-gritty of, for instance, planetary life in EVE; the way the actual people (read: the non-starship captains) of the world go about their daily lives, and how their societies function.

Customs, views, paradigms, religions, organizations, intriguing characters, fascinating locales, games, sports, music, culture – the list is veritably endless. Those of you who have seen the enormously detailed way in which these guys go about peppering their game worlds with flavor and detail will know what to expect. The world of EVE is about to drop its balls.*

Okay, on to other things. In the beginning of November, operating under a new kind of workflow, Dynamic Content, along with our AURORA team cohorts, instituted a system of three-month event cycles, so as to get a better overview of what goes on in the storyline and break arc plans down into manageable chunks while still retaining dynamism (those of you who spoke with us at Fanfest no doubt remember us slurring on about it between bouts of benignly drooling on your shoes and projectile vomiting on potted plants).

The beginning of February now marks the end of the first of these event cycles, and means we’re in the planning stages of the next one (and holy crap, is it gonna be a doozy). A total of 134 events, large and small, have been run in the period just ending. AURORA is still recruiting (If interested, you can apply for ISD here. ~kieron) and the content team is constantly being added to, so look for this number to grow with every new three-month event cycle. We look forward to bringing you bigger, better and more involving events with each iteration.


*I mean juggling balls, you filthy little person.