Fanfest Nearly Sold Out - 18 Tickets remain as of 31 October

Update: As of 1130 GMT on 31 October, 18 tickets remain for the Fanfest. If you want a ticket this is your last chance.

Due to a very positive community response, we are rapidly approaching the maximum number of tickets we may sell for the Fanfest due to limitations imposed by the size of the venue. That's right, the Fanfest is in danger of being sold out.

If you have booked your travel arrangements but not purchased your Fanfest ticket, it is in your best interest do to so immediately. There are no gaurantees that tickets will be available at the door and once we have sold out, that's it. We can't make any exceptions.

For more information, please visit the Fanfest information page.

It's almost time for the Party at the Top of the World. Don't be left standing out in the cold.