New Eden Open - Congratulations to the winner "Asine Hitama's Team"

The New Eden Open $10,000 cash tournament from November 22 to December 2 is over and has a worthy winner.

Congratulations to Asine Hitama's Team for winning EVE Online's first cash tournament ever!

Asine Hitama's Team beat in an exciting best-of-five series RONIN and Pixies on December 2, 2012, and thus gained eternal fame, great cash prizes and in-game rewards. We also thank all other participants of this tournament as they showed fantastic battles with thrilling action. Special thanks go to own3d for providing the enormous $10,000 cash prize and to Razer for granting generous sponsorship.

Replays of all matches are available on CCP's own3d channel.

We welcome you to leave your feedback about this tournament in this thread here.