2018/03/20 – Unscheduled Extended Downtime!

Due to issues with the deployment of the March Release today, Tranquility has been in an unstable state since it was brought back online at roughly 11:45 UTC today after the patch was released.

We are currently investigating multiple unrelated performance issues with both the chat system and other areas of Tranquility’s Database.

As part of investigating these issues, the cluster has been restarted several times today, and will more than likely be restarted a few more times in the coming hours as we work through the issues.

While having pilots log in after restarts occur is great and is helping us test load on the new chat system and EVE’s database, we’d like to ask that you don’t put any valuable ships, modules or drones that you’re not willing to lose in harm’s way for the time being while we continue to investigate problems with the cluster. This will help reduce the need for you to file reimbursement tickets once the cluster is stable again and normal service resumes.

Right now, we don’t have an estimated time when Tranquility will be online, accepting connections and available for gameplay, but we recommend that pilots remain out of harm’s way until we give an all clear once the current issues are resolved.

Sincerest apologies for the current issues with Tranquility and the extended downtime that it’s causing.

For further updates on the current status of tranquility please follow @EVE_Status and keep an eye on this forum thread.