Caldari Union Day SKINs Now Available!

We're super happy to announce that Caldari Union Day SKINs are now available in the New Eden Store for eight Caldari Hulls.

These SKINs are available at the following prices:

  • 110 PLEX - Corax
  • 110 PLEX - Stork
  • 110 PLEX - Drake
  • 110 PLEX - Naga
  • 250 PLEX - Rokh
  • 250 PLEX - Raven
  • 250 PLEX - Golem
  • 390 PLEX - Phoenix

A bundle themed for missile hulls containing the SKINs for the Drake, Raven and Golem is also available at a 10% discount.

These SKINs will all be on sale until downtime on September 11th.

In addition to this, the Chimera "Kairiola's Sacrifice" SKIN is now available at a substantial discount from today through until downtime on September 11th.

Be sure to pick it up now if you want to add it to your collection!