SteelSeries Kicks-Off EVE Online Community Contest Today! Everyone Wins!

Our friends at SteelSeries are doing a huge EVE Online themed giveaway featuring EVE designed QcK Minis signed by legendary CCP figureheads – CCP Hilmar, CCP Navigator, CCP Soundwave, CCP Unifex and many other developers that we met at the EVE Online Fanfest this year. There will be SteelSeries mice, keyboards, and headsets up for grabs along with EVE Starter Packs, DUST Mercenary Packs, and EVE PLEX. Additionally, all users that enter the giveaway will receive a 30 day trial of EVE Online absolutely free of charge.

To participate, visit **HERE** and hit the “Like” button. Winners will be announced on the SteelSeries Website on July 30th, so be sure to check the latest updates via SteelSeries’ Facebook page –

The Contest runs from July 19th to July 29th.