The first Quarterly Economic Newsletter of 2010

It is finally here - the first Quarterly Economic Newsletter of 2010

In this QEN the key demographic statistics are reviewed along with other standard sections, such as the price level chapter, which focuses on overall price changes for the four key price indices.

A special section is also devoted to statistics on Wormhole space and Tech III.  On March 2010 there was one year since the launch of Apocrypha and hence we had a full year worth of data on w-space and Tech III.  I am certain that EVE pilots will find a lot of interesting trends and statistics, such as the fact that more than 4000 Strategic cruisers have been killed during this time or that in Q1 of 2010 there are more than 40 thousand wormhole jumps per day.

We are already working on the next QEN which will have some preliminary data from Planetary Interactions - exciting times ahead.

Fly safe!

Dr. EyjoG and the QEN team