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Eco-Terrorists Attack Chribba's Starbases; Capsuleers Rally To Defend

2010-01-08 - Von Svarthol

Irnin, Domain - A piched battle has been fought between a group of eco-terrorists and capsuleers from all around New Eden.

The fight began after the "CONCORD Preservation and Recovery" [CPR] corporation declared war on Chribba's alliance, Otherworld Empire, allegedly to remove some starbases from Irnin and nearby systems in a bid to preserve pristine moon surfaces.

The attacking corporation defines itself as "eco-terrorist" and claims that orbiting starbases pollute moon surfaces and thus must be removed to avoid marring the moon's geological features.

Epimithius09, CEO of CONCORD Preservation and Recovery, explains that they didn't mean to explicitly target Chribba: "we happened to came across [a starbase of] Chribba's which was offline, so we [declared war] to kill it. We did not expect the reaction we received."

Chribba is one of the most trusted industrialists in New Eden and the attack sparked an immediate reaction among capsuleers. Pilots from well-known organizations such as Exalted., Noir. Mercenary Group, R.E.P.O., Duty. Private Security and many other corporations rallied to save Chribba's structures.

Jonny 101, Exalted's Head Diplomat, explained that the interest in helping Chribba was large: "Chribba had no idea how to organize it all... we had brand new [capsuleers], old school pirates, new pirates, thieves..."

According to Jonny 101, the plan was to employ a set of 60 Ospreys fitted for remote repair. Exalted handled the logistics and irregular troops, while Noir and Duty sent logistic gangs. Repo was going to take over during the night but there was no need as the war declaration was retracted after a few hours of fighting.

Epimithius09 acknowledged that CPR retracted the war declaration when they realized they could not eliminate all of Chribba's starbases. "This is [sort] of standard practice for us. We will retract a war... if the [starbase] is removed or becomes well defended."

By the end of the fight, casualties included eight Ospreys and an Exqueror on the defenders' side and three Armageddons, an Omen, a Maller and a Helios belonging to the attackers. One of the attacked towers was, however, stolen by CPR.

Chribba commented: "While I can understand that for some protecting the lunar surface is important, I was saddened to learn that this couldn't be resolved with words rather than guns. For all parties involved I wish a swift recovery of those taken damage and thank you... for the support and spirit shown."

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