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Lottopalooza 7 Awards Nightmare Battleship

2011-06-13 - Von Svarthol

Halaima, The Citadel - After Lottopalooza's establishment over one year, the lottery has given out prizes worth over 1 trillion ISK. To mark the occasion, the 7th lottery saw the top prize of a Nightmare battleship awarded to the winner.

Kain Rehel, organiser of the non-profit Lottopalooza 7, explained how the lottery first began: "Well back then the only lotteries around for capsuleers were from Darkness and Chribba types and I figured, 'hey i can do that'."

JoelCoen, a regular ticket holder for the lottery series, revealed why he enters time and time again: "I’ve come away with a whole host of shiny toys, the best of which was a Machariel."

To the fans of the lottery, Kain Rehel offered his thanks: "I'm just grateful for all the support and ideas capsuleers have given me along the way. I couldn't have got to this point without them. I have some customers that are still around since day one, over one year ago, that’s awesome!"

The lottery's rules limited a capsuleer to only 25 tickets, with each ticket costing 1 million ISK. The total amount of tickets for the lottery was 7,300. The ticket numbers were allocated to capsuleers at random with a value of between 1 and 7,300.

The winner of the Nightmare, the top prize in the lottery, was capsuleer Cyruxx, who revealed his plans for his new ship: "I lost one recently so I will probably refit it and head back to ratting with it."

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Lottopalooza 7 announcement and winners

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