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Theft of the Cross - Chamberlain gets involved

2005-03-30 - Von Svarthol

As expected, Court Chamberlain Dochuta Karsoth released the following statement on the situation revolving around the stolen Cross of the Sacred Throne order.

“Since the Empire was founded, we have placed a great deal of emphasis on our traditions and customs. It is these traditions and customs that define the Empire and its many provinces. It seems that ironically enough, some forget this in their passion to support us.

"Holder Marin Ankigher alerted me to a problem several days ago. I was hoping that my involvement would not be necessary, and that the CVA would make the right choice out of their own volition. I see now that this was an idle hope.

I ask the CVA to retrieve the Cross at all costs. If this means negotiating with individuals considered terrorists and enemies to the Amarr Empire, so be it. I ask the CVA to reconsider their refusal to negotiate with the individual holding the Cross of the Sacred Throne Order. Placing pride before this icon of culture and history is selfish and not becoming of an otherwise fine institution, one we appreciate and one we would like to continue to appreciate.”

This statement does not come as a big surprise. Although the Chamberlain does not often comment on matters concerning the policies of an alliance of capsuleer pilots, the theft of the Cross is of such a nature that it has been widely believed inevitable for him not to get involved.

Whether the CVA will heed the Imperial Chamberlain’s request is unclear at this point.