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Theology Council Reprimands 'Refusard' Holders; Speakers Decline to Intervene

2009-01-05 - Von Svarthol

Avair, Domain – The Theology Council has condemned the so-called 'Refusards' – holders refusing the slave release proclamation of Empress Jamyl I – and called on all subjects of the Empire to take every action necessary to enforce the will of the Empress and God.

Speaking for the Theology Council, Principal Clerk Datna Jesebel read the following statement:

"The Theology Council hereby reaffirms the most ancient principle and doctrine of our faith, the word of the Empress is the word of God, the will of the Empress is the will of God. Let no man seek to shirk his obligations before God and His chosen representative in this world. Those holders who have refused the holy proclamation of Her Majesty Jamyl I are officially reprimanded and stand in peril of their lives and souls. For their tardiness to date they are given notice that an accounting will be made. If they persist in their refusals, this accounting will be the harshest possible. All believers and Imperial subjects are enjoined to see His will done. Long live the Empress. Glory to God and His Empire."

Following Empire-wide transmission of the Theology Council's statement, reports have come in of many Refusards immediately complying and making repentance before officials of the Imperial Chancellor. News that the Order of the Speakers of Truth has declined to intervene, itself citing the principle of Imperial supremacy, has hastened the collapse of anything resembling a broad front of Refusards along with any sympathy for their position.

Nevertheless, several planets in the Aridia region, known for hardline sects and highly orthodox subcults, are reported to be maintaining their refusal to comply. Chancellor Kor-Azor has ordered a fleet acting under the authority of his office to enforce the Imperial edict at all costs.