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All Female Pirate Corporation Throws a Bash - 300 Pilots, 8 Billion in Prizes, Some Wrecks

2009-12-03 - Por Svarthol

Evati, Metropolis - Some 300 pilots attended the recent "Party In Evati." Four hours of music and interviews, prize giveaways, free frigates for friendly skirmishes, a holovideo premiere and even pirate-themed poetry were organized by the Hellcats [HCATS] pirate corporation and partners, Split Infinity Radio [EDGAR].

Hellcats is a women-only organization, self-described as “bloodthirsty, devious, merciless, calculating, independent badass girls with initiative, attitude and a sense of humor.” CEO Mynxee had the idea of throwing the party “as a way of saying thanks to all our friends and supporters.” She went to mention a peak attendance of 300 pilots gathered on the Hellcats Pub NeoCom channel during the festivites.

Split Infinity Radio provided the music and audio entertainment during the party. A random prize draw every ten minutes distributed an estimated 8 billion ISK in prizes, including a Guristas' Rattlesnake-class battleship. The prizes given away were donated by friends of HCATS: “Our biggest [donor] was Larz Smith, who gave many ships.”

Free frigates were offered to allow attendees to participate in freeform friendly combat engagements; a significant portion of the hundred T2-fitted Rifters offered was reported found later in the form of debris orbiting the planets, belts and stations of Evati. “Open Rifter combat in Evati was loads of fun.”

A holovideo with comments and interviews by popular holojockey teadaze was revealed, showing a faction cruiser celebrity death match that pit Hellcats' CEO Mynxee and Nashh Kadavr of The Bastards [BSTRD] against Quivering Palm and CEO Luminus Aardokay from Split Infinity.

A limerick contest was also held, with previously-submitted limericks being read throughout the event. Entries ranged from the mild "Rita in Jita" to the raunchier “[Woman of Negotiable Affection] From Scalding Pass.”

HCATS say that they plan to hold another party soon. “We've been bouncing ideas around” and are “very grateful and quite humbled by the donations and the efforts of everyone to make sure it was a great time. New Eden can be a harsh place but we always seem to have friends wherever we turn – even if we shoot at them sometimes! It makes life in space a lot more fun.”

Galnet References

"Now THAT was a party! - Mynxee's Account of "Party in Evati 111"

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