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Black Ops Fleet Downs Carrier

2009-08-14 - Por Svarthol

KLMT-W , Curse - Dirt Nap Squad [D-N-S], a corporation specializing in clandestine warfare, proved that a Black Ops lead fleet can effectively infiltrate and inflict severe losses deep into enemy space when they successfully engaged and destroyed an Archon-class carrier with a completely covert fleet.

With a variety of stealth bombers, recon ships, and a lone Widow, a 20-man fleet stalked and destroyed an Archon-class carrier owned by Elite Aeronautic Developer Syndicate while they were reportedly in the process of taking down a control tower. The Archon was apparently in system to assist in ship removal from the tower, and was caught outside the safety of the tower’s shield when tackled by the initial D-N-S ship. Despite the active smartbombs fit on the carrier, the smaller craft were able to keep the carrier from being able to enter the shield.Cadollan, the pilot of the Archon destroyed in the attack, was unavailable for comment.

The effectiveness of the black ops battleships, and the usefulness of stealth bombers have been debated for some time. Dirt Nap Squad's CEO, DNSBLACK, stated, "We took a ship that no one wanted and made it the cornerstone of our corp." Arguably one of the least-used Tech 2 ships, at least this one corporation feels they are putting them to good use.

One strategy that Dirt Nap Squad has used, according to DNSBLACK, is to send out "Hunter Killers" to identify potential targets. These "hunters" use covert ops or recon ships that can make use of the covert cynosural field generator. "The hunter finds a target, tackles it, lights a covert cyno, then the rest come in and have at the target." With the significant amount of damage that a torpedo-fit stealth bomber fleet can produce, supported by EWAR-fit Recon ships, it is easy to imagine that few ships could withstand such a barrage.

The critical aspect appears to be the ability of the black ops ship to be able to lock onto the covert cynosural beacon and be used as a jump bridge for other covert vessels. With this capability, a fleet can easily stage far from the action, in a safe location, until the target is identified and tackled. Once a target's ability to get away has been removed, the Black Op fleet can be dropped in to finish the job.

The successful engagement with and destruction of the Archon-class carrier by a fleet of 20 may prompt others to re-evaluate the effectiveness of the covert ops/black ops class of ships.

GalNet References

Dirt Nap Squad Killboard - Archon Kill

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