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Buddy Program Now Offers Extended Game Time

2008-11-17 - Por Svarthol

The Buddy Program has been updated with new incentives for all parties involved. Players can now invite friends to EVE for an extended 21-day Trial, and for each trial user that becomes a subscriber, the person that invited them will get an extra 30 days of game time added to their account. Invite form and detailed information can be found on the Buddy Program page in Account Management.

  » Each Active Subscription Account (trial accounts do not qualify for this promotion) can send Buddy Program invites.
» Only accounts created through this emailed invite are valid for this offer. Be sure your friends use the invite to create their account in order for you to earn your game time when they subscribe to EVE Online.
» Eligible subscription activations can be funded by any payment method except EVE Time Codes.
» Trial accounts must subscribe within one week following the trial expiration to qualify for the promotion.
» Please note that once your friend purchases an EVE Online subscription, your 30 free days may take up to 24 hours to be applied.
» Buddies must activate their 21-day trial no later than December 1st.
» Buddies must purchase a subscription to EVE online within 7 days of their trial expiring, in order for your free 30 days to be awarded.

Offer valid until December 1st. Don't miss out!