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Capsuleer Outer Region Political Summary

2012-01-27 - Por Svarthol

YC 113.06.01 - YC 113.06.30

This month saw a colossal swing in the balance of power within the null security regions, with the group of alliances known as the "Northern Coalition" (NC) almost entirely losing their grasp over their holdings of several years. This sudden collapse has taken place after months of warring with the DRF (Drone Region Forces) coalition, resulting in the regions of Tribute, Branch and Tenal changing hands.

The focal point of this collapse was Tribute, which as the home of the Northern Coalition's largest alliance, Morsus Mihi, was long considered its capital region. With Tribute now firmly in the hands of DRF allies and the alliances of the NC on the move to other areas of new eden, this marks the close of this campaign.

Several of the displaced alliances have moved to a new area of operations, the former IT Alliance homeland of Delve. Whilst this conflict only seems to be getting started, CONCORD has registered a substantial increase in the number of capsuleer-piloted vessels being destroyed there. In total, 14,974 vessels are registered as being lost in Delve during June compared to only 6,081 in May and an average of 5,061 per month from Jan 1st to May 31st.

A new initiative by DED with these reports will be to report on a different statistic deemed to be of potential interest to capsuleers each month. This month, we have investigated which regions have seen the most losses on average each month since the current system of vessel loss registration began in late YC109.

The five most hostile regions are, based on average losses per month:
Syndicate - 14,130
Pure Blind - 10,564
Curse - 10,155
Providence - 9,636
Catch - 9,216

Statistics for June:
Supercapitals destroyed: 8 titans, 13 supercarriers
Supercapitals built: 24 titans, 123 supercarriers
Outposts built: 10