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Caravanserai Organized in Molden Heath

2009-06-09 - Por Svarthol

Altbrard, Molden Heath - A follow-up to the "caravanserai" gathering that was organized by Smagd of Encina Technologies in Namtz' aar K'in alliance may be scheduled soon. The last gathering - a blend of trade show and celebration - took place in Teonsude, Molden Heath on 14.04.111 and was hailed as a moderate success with great potential for expansion.

Though a pilot, Smagd works and lives as a member of the nomadic Minmatar Thukker tribe alongside his own corporate affiliations. The word 'caravanserai' originates in pre-space faring parlance, referring to an inn or way station with a wide courtyard where trade caravans could meet and camp together. Smagd, however, uses the word in a broader context to mean the gathering itself, not its location.

Smagd explains that the purpose of the caravanserai is the "bringing goods and news, and forging alliances in order so separate groups, or tribes, didn't have to travel the greatest distances all on their own." He continues by saying, "We swap stories, you know? We talk. We argue half the night, we have drinking matches, and shouting ones. There's some feuds that get settled, and some that spring into life."

His first caravanserai saw a wide variety of items being traded, including corporate shares, various rare factional items and curiosities such as Thukker loot and ancient sculptures from the Nefantar era. Smagd claimed that such diversity was typical for a caravanserai event.

According to Smagd, all kinds of people show up on the caravansaries he organizes. Not all of them are fully aware of the Minmatar cultural history. "It's very easy to spot them though. They know nothing of tribe lore." He added that everyone who shows up with good intentions is welcome to visit, though most guest prefers to conduct their business privately.

"Normally it's good enough to spread a date and a place in our channels, or just do an instant caravanserai. There's a few tribes that are hard to reach, even by Thukker standards. So I put out the word on GalNet, which is probably a first". There is no date settled for a new gathering yet, but Smagd assured the Interstellar Correspondents that a date and time will be announced soon.

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