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Changes to Toolkit Exported Data

2012-05-03 - Por CCP Nobody

Hi all.

I’m CCP Nobody, from Team Core Graphics Tools and I’m here to tell you about some changes that are coming in the Inferno release for the Exported Data for 3rd party developers. 

For the last few months, we have been changing the way static data is used in the client. Instead of using database tables, the client will be using yaml based structure for its static data.

This means that all of you 3rd party developers need to change the way you read the exported data from the Eve Online Toolkit. Luckily for you guys this is quite easy since there is a plethora of yaml readers available on the internetz for the major programming languages.

However, since this will be an incremental procedure, we will only migrate a few database tables at a time with each release. This means that the data zip file that is available on the Toolkit webpage will include yaml files (for migrated systems) and a database backup file (for un-migrated systems).

Currently we have deployed a zip file of how the data will look in the upcoming Inferno release to the EVE Online Toolkit website so you guys can be ready for the switch. This zip file contains the typeIDs.yaml file, the graphicIDs.yaml file and the usual database files (for un-migrated systems). You can access this zip file on the EVE Online Toolkit.

  • graphicIDs.yaml contains data that used to live in the ebs_DATADUMP.dbo.eveGraphics table
  • typeIDs.yaml contains the mapping between typeIDs and graphicIDs (which was in the graphicIDs column in ebs_DATADUMP.dbo.invTypes)

That’s all for now!

CCP Nobody