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Colony Directors Defend Suicide Pill Maker

2010-10-05 - Por Svarthol

LUMINAIRE - The trial of Pierre Allendreau, the man accused of manufacturing and distributing the suicide pill ‘Liberty,’ saw an unusual turn of events today, when those the prosecution are painting as the case’s victims rose to the defense of the accused. 

“He wasn't out to make a buck. He sold basically at cost, and would make as many as requested. We would have paid a lot more,” said Hebark Tooten, director of a mining colony in Postouvin. Another director from the same system, Freid Lefebre, said, “He was the only one protecting us from being victims. If Sansha comes for us – any of us – CONCORD can't protect us, the Empires combined can't protect us… who are we supposed to rely on? The capsuleers? They're just as likely to kill us even if they do manage to stop a Sansha raid. What other options do we have?” 

The prosecution asked for a short recess, which the judge denied. The string of witnesses speaking out in the accused's defense continued. Said Gael Sorchine, director of still another colony that had contacted Allendreau to purchase the suicide pill: “The Nation promises the death of liberty, the capsuleers promise death. If we are the victims in this case, it is not Mr. Allendreau that made us so.”